Fluctuations in anchovy prices according to the weather: 'Like the stock market, fluctuating'


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Trabzon, due to unfavorable weather conditions, boats were not able to open the sea, there was an increase in fish prices. Weight of anchovy sold to stalls at 5 TL rose to 30 TL. Fisher Turgay Memiş likened the fluctuation in prices to the stock market.

Black Sea, after the end of the fishing ban, fishermen, nets continue to leave the sea. Black Sea in recent days due to thunderstorm and stormy weather conditions the fishinability to open the sea with the boats, led to an increase in fish prices.

5 anchors sold in Trabzon stalls, anchovies, hunting less than 30 kilos suddenly rose. As the weather conditions in the sea improved, the price of anchovies fell to 10 TL again. Fishermen, with the cooling of sea water in the coming days anchovywaiting for plenty of.

'Fish like the stock market'

Fisherman Contact Mehmetcan directlystating that anchovy's price is unpredictable tomorrow, he said:

"Weather conditionsBecause of the fishermen could not open the sea. Anchovy also did not come. The price of anchovy, which is numbered at the counter, has risen to 30 pounds even in some looms. Thank goodness the rains have stopped. Fishermen sailed. Now anchovies on the counter are sold for 5 to 10 pounds. Fish is already like the stock market, bumpy and bumpy. On that day, if the fish is bolsa, the prices will come down. Anchovy contains all the vitamins in alphabetical order. Anchovies should be consumed in winter. Anchovyat vitamin it is both very important in child development and provides resistance to cooling air. Prices are good citizens to eat plenty."

'It was hard to open the counter and find anchovies'

Fisherman View Turgay's Full ProfileIn particular, anchovy prices fluctuate due to weather conditions, saying, “No anchovies yesterday. The anchovies of the previous day were sold at the stalls. Output price up to 30 pounds. It opened up today. The anchovies were a little plentiful. Prices between 5 and 10 pounds finds buyers. It rained a lot recently. Trabzon was officially flooded. Fishermen could not open to the sea where they were always under water. It was difficult to open the counter and to find anchovies. Prices are constantly fluctuating. Let's see how much anchovy prices will be tomorrow”He said.

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