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For the past half-century, humanity has become "slower".

Experts have concluded that humanity has become "more mature" over the past half-century. Since the 1970s, the IQ index has dropped by an average of 7 marks per generation.

Some experts attribute this to the continuation of human evolution and others to the laws of genetics and the third group with the rapid development and evolution of technology. The brains of Paleolithic and Neanderthal humans were larger than those of modern humans. The average brain size of the men was more than 1500 cubic centimeters. The size of today's men's brains is 1,425 cubic centimeters.

At that time, early humans had to keep important information in their heads because the artificial carrier of information, such as books, had not yet been invented, and the use of the whisperer experience was rarely seen. Because the average life expectancy was very low.

But modern humans receive information "readily" and the experiences of past generations are kept not in "their heads" but in artificial means. In such a situation, there is no need for a large brain that consumes up to 20% of the organism's energy output. This is probably because the brain shrinks over the last 25,000 years.

Humanity has undergone at least two genetic changes over the past 3,000 years that have had a negative impact on intelligence, according to a geneticist from Stanford University in the United States.

After migrating to Europe, human life became much easier. The development of the agricultural industry, the emergence of cities, and the evolution of the medical arena had their effect on the "intelligence" of man. Of course, environmental pollution can also have a negative impact on human intelligence.

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