Explanation of BEDAS about the house where 4 brothers were found dead: Teams were unaware, the apartment was given electricity again


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Boğazici Elektrik Dağıtım AS (BEDAS) made a statement regarding the cut-off of the house where 4 brothers were found dead. Teams are unaware of the situation, indicating that the apartment was given electricity again.

Stating that they felt very sorry for the loss of 4 people BEDAS, the power cut of the apartment 'a bitter coincidence', 3 unpaid invoices on behalf of those who lost their lives on the subscription and the electricity cut teams are unaware of the incident, he said.

In the statement "Our teams, who did not have any information about the developments in the night, left the building by performing their duties within the framework of legal procedures in the early morning hours. However, after the event was learned, the cutting process was canceled in order to avoid any grievance in this process and the apartment was re-energized.".

According to the Electricity Market Consumer Services Regulation, Boğazici Elektrik reminded that electricity subscribers who do not pay their debts are given at least 10 days, and then the process of energy cut-off is initiated.

description "With regard to the housing in question, our institution has provided a flexibility up to 1 month for the payment of the debt.".

What happened?

Yesterday, at night, on the notice of the neighbors to the police cops go to Fatih "Attention cyanide there, call the police, do not enter" note hanged in the house of 48,54, 56 and 60 years, found the bodies of 4 brothers. The brothers lived together at home and according to the first detection of the police 'taking a large number of antidepressant drugs committed suicide' said. Neighbors, while experiencing financial difficulties of the brothers, the electricity bill of the house was not paid for two months, it turned out.

After the police leave the scene, at 09:30 ranks BEDAS teams came home, 607.16 pounds on the grounds that the bill was not paid for two months cut off the electricity.

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