Expert assessment of the likelihood of unity between the Syrian government and the Kurds


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The Russian expert explored problems between the Syrian government and Kurdish forces over their possible unity.

"There is a possibility of a tactical alliance between the Syrian government forces and the Kurds, but it is unlikely to be long-lasting, as the Kurds will have demands from the Syrian authorities for such an alliance," Sputnik reported. .

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview that Syrian officials have offered the Kurds to fight together against Turkish actions in northern Syria and are ready to welcome fighters into the ranks of the Syrian government's army, but the Kurds are currently refusing the offer. He also said that the Syrian government would engage in dialogue with all Kurdish groups, including those supported by the United States, and this call did not stop during the conflict in Syria.

"You know, this (the Kurds' unwillingness to join the Syrian army) will be the most important obstacle, because you have to know that the Kurds live under a completely different political and ideological system. They have a lot of historical complaints," Sergei Domidenko said. They have suffered enough from the Turks who are now attacking them, as well as from the Syrians, who have actually used the harsh Arab policy against the Kurds. "

He emphasized that Kurds live in a system of completely different values. "The Kurds will soon unite with the Syrian government and army, but this will only be a tactic," Demidenko added.

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