Ethiopia asks France to arm it with "Rafale" aircraft and nuclear missiles


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Lepoint magazine published pictures of an official letter from Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed to French President Emmanuel Macron asking for strategic weapons, including nuclear missiles, helicopters and Rafale planes, to develop the Ethiopian army.

In March, Ethiopia and France signed their first military cooperation agreement.

According to the French magazine, the agreement included France's assistance to the African country in building up its armed forces, while Paris seeks to strengthen economic relations with Africa's second most populous country.

The agreement also includes air cooperation, joint operations, training opportunities and the purchase of equipment.

Ethiopia specifically wants France's help to build its navy, after the landlocked state disbanded the navy in 1991 after its then-Eritrea secession on the Red Sea, following a three-decade war for independence.

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Abi Ahmed, has signed with Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki a peace agreement between the two countries, closing the page of the longest conflict in the African continent.

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