Elon Musk explains what it takes to build a colony on Mars


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Elon Musk, owner of the SpaceX space transport company, shared what was needed to establish a colony on Mars from his Twitter account.

Elon MuskAccording to the calculations,, about a thousand people to build a settlement that can work independently on the planet Starship ship and at least one million tons of resources and equipment needs to be sent.

Musk said that the transfer of resources would take about 20 years, as the Earth and Mars approach the appropriate distance twice a year for flight. Musk added that each time would cost SpaceX two million dollars.

At the end of September, SpaceX showed reporters the completion of the Starship, designed for flights to Mars and other interplanetary missions. Musk said the first flight, about 20km high, will take place within a month or two.

SpaceX has already successfully tested the Starship prototype. Starhipper, the first test sample of Starship, climbed up to 150 meters and made a vertical descent after a minute of flight.

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