Egyptian Education Minister: 70% of ISIS members are "engineers"


Egyptian Minister of Education, Dr. Tarek Shawky, said on Saturday that 70% of the members of the Islamic State terrorist organization are engineers.

Shawki added that "we must work to study this phenomenon and how they joined? And how convinced of this extremist thought?".
In his speech at the inauguration of the training course for religious education teachers at the headquarters of the Awqaf Academy, the minister pointed out that we must have the ability to protect students from extremist ideas and prevent them from joining these groups, pointing out that these groups have established the idea of ​​"who is not from us remains our enemy." According to the news portal "Today."

The Egyptian Minister of Education stressed the need to "prepare the student to choose and distinguish between good and evil, and that the different age groups of students must be established according to this ability, and understand what benefits and harms."

Shawki explained that "Social Media has lost jobs prestige, and remained a million sheikhs and a million doctors."

Shawki also called on the media to assume his educational responsibility, saying that "the media and the family role is no less than the Ministry of Education."

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