Egypt-Russia 'Friendship Read-1' joint exercise ended


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Joint air drills between Egypt and Russia on Egyptian territory have been completed.

Official spokesman of the Egyptian army Temir er-Rifai, in his written statement, 'Friendship Read-1' The two countries' air defense units under the scope of air attacks against different types of rockets and missiles by launching defense tactics, he said.

The statement, 'Air attack weapons and defense tactics against them to develop mutual sharing of experience' was recorded.

Eastern Dawn-1 exercise in Pakistan

Rifai statement, Pakistan, Egyptian and Jordanian troops participated in the Pakistani territory 'Eastern Dawn-1' called the end of the joint land exercise announced.

Stating that the exercise in Pakistan lasted 2 weeks, Rifai reported that some countries participated in the exercise as observers, but did not provide information about these countries.

At the end of October, the Egyptian army announced to the public that Russian troops had arrived on the territory of Egypt for the exercise, but did not make a statement about the exercise in Pakistan.

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