Egypt: Military Court publishes details of the death sentence of "Mesmari"


The Military Criminal Court in Egypt, in an official statement, announced the details of the judiciary in its ruling in case No. 160/2018 military felonies west of Cairo and the famous media case of "marine oases" in a session on Sunday.

According to the statement, the court ruled, first, to punish the main defendant in this case, named Abdul Rahim Mohammed al-Mesmari, "Libyan nationality" in presence of death by hanging, and secondly: and in attendance to punish 22 accused of life imprisonment and aggravated imprisonment; Fourthly: 20 defendants were acquitted.
According to Al-Ahram portal, the defendants committed the following: Founding and joining the Islamic and terrorist conquest organization in Beba state, targeting law enforcement forces of the armed forces and the civilian police, destroying their weapons and equipment, launching hostile operations against them, targeting public and vital installations, and deliberately killing 11 officers and individuals. Task Force of the Ministry of Interior to raid the hideouts of the terrorist organization in the Bahariya Oasis on October 20, 2017.

They also attempted to kill other officers and members of this commission, abducting and detaining a civilian police captain, Mohammed Alaa Mohammed Abdel Latif al-Hayes as a hostage, and forcibly stealing weapons, ammunition and missions of the civilian police forces raiding terrorist camps in the Bahariya Oasis area.

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