Drama in Saint-Petersburg: Professor kills doctoral student from jealousy – and dissects the corpse


Professor of St. Petersburg State University, Oleg Sokolov, killed his aspirant Anastasia Eschenko out of jealousy and was arrested while disposing of her body, according to Russian media. The brutality of his actions after the murder shakes the Russian cultural metropolis.

The 63-year-old lecturer shot the woman during a dispute on 7 November. After that, he began dissecting her body to get rid of her. According to him, he first threw the bag with the legs of the killed woman in the St. Petersburg river Moika. The moment Sokolov tried to sink the woman's arms in the same place, he fell down the influence of alcohol into the water and was arrested after rescue.

The man confessed: he had been in a relationship with his former student and killed her after a fight out of jealousy. After disposing of the body, he is said to have planned to commit suicide.
In the apartment of the historian have the police officer found the body of the murdered young woman and her severed head and a self-defense pistol in her backpack.
Today, divers should also have found garbage bags with Eschenko's legs in the river.

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