Did Internet Certainly Affect People's Shopping in Iran?


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Internet failure in Iran has hit many internet businesses, but one of the main concerns of people and officials in the field of security is the in-store and online stores originating from inside the country, which officials say has performed smoothly and handled many transactions. Has registered.

Sayed Abutaleb Najafi, CEO of Informatics Services, said in an interview about the status of Shaparak services, that there has been no problem with Shaparak and the payment system in recent days. Acceleration network stability is about 99.9% and more than 290 million transactions were recorded in the first day that the Internet was disconnected.

"We were fully prepared for definitive internet and international communications and had many maneuvers to raise the readiness of the network for such times," he said. Support methods are also provided, of course.

It should be recalled that the decision by the Iranian Security Council was almost completely discontinued following the start of the current unrest in the country to protest the rise in the price of internet gasoline in Iran.

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