Cuban cinema week begins in Moscow


MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The iconic Illuzion Moscow cinema once again hosts, between November 7 and 11, a sample of the most recent Cuban cinema, a tradition that demonstrates that culture can forge the best bridges between peoples.

The ambassador of the Antillean country in Moscow, Gerardo Penalver, told Sputnik that "our artists are the best ambassadors because they are the ambassadors of culture … It is what makes relationships stronger. Culture and cinema can forge the best bridges between peoples. "

Penalver also stressed that "the Russian public likes Cuban cinematography" and warned that "Cuba is close to it from the historical point of view", because "several generations of Cubans formed and drank from Soviet cinema."
He also stressed that he is "witness that cinemas are packed in the week of Russian cinema" in Cuba.
"It became a tradition this week of cinema that has been made several times already in Cuba, in alternate years, and Cubans always respond very positively to Russian cinema," he concluded.

To start the traditional Week of Cuban films in Russia, the film 'Esteban' was chosen, with the presence of its director, Jonal Cosculluela.

The 91-minute drama, starring Reinaldo Guanche, Manuel Porto and Yuliet Cruz, tells the story of a Cuban boy who discovers his passion for music and must fight with all his might until he reaches his greatest dream: to become a renowned artist.
The film was widely accepted by the Russian public. Attendees highlighted the universality of the story and especially praised the soundtrack of the tape, by the renowned Cuban pianist Chucho Valdes.
The proposal also includes the policeman, El Regreso, directed by Alberto Luberta and Blanca Rosa Blanco. This famous actress is also in charge of the leading role and is in Moscow to present the film.

During this week of the seventh art of the Caribbean island, Muscovites will be able to enjoy the feature film "Los buenos demonios", a Cuban-Spanish co-production directed by Gerardo Chijona and with Carlos Enrique Almirante, Vladimir Cruz and Enrique Molina in the main roles.

The film nominated by Cuba for the Oscars, 'A translator', is another of the proposals of this cycle.
Directed by the brothers Rodrigo and Sebastian Barriuso, and starring the Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro, the film is inspired by real events: it is set in Cuba during the 1990s and tells the story of a professor of Russian literature who must work as a translator for children victims of Chernobyl who receive treatment on the island.
The film has the participation of Russian actors such as Alexander Maslennikov, Guennadi Dolganov or Natalia Rodina, among others.

The Cuban film day will conclude on November 11 with the drama "Why are my friends crying?" By director Magda Gonzalez Grau, with the performances of Luisa Maria Jimenez, Patricio Wood and Paula Ali.

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