Crisis in Latin America: "We have run out of stabilizing elements"


The political analyst Miguel Angel Barrios considered that the regional disintegration and the failure of Unasur aggravate the panorama of conflicts that the continent is experiencing.

"Prosur and Grupo de Lima are diplomatic arms of the TIAR"

Barrios was asked about the similarities and differences between the different protests in the region.

"More than a connection there is a common factor and it is not that it responds to a problem of right and left or conservatism and progressivism, but what seems to me to be in conflict and tension is the logic of small country and large country," he said. The analyst

"There are states in Latin America that have settled under a geopolitical projection of the motherland, understanding it as unrestricted alignment with the US and the Monroe doctrine, and there are states that claim within their range of possibilities to generate a capacity for autonomy in the world of globalization and that implies integration in Latin America, "he added. "Actually the Prosur or the Lima Group are groups invented by the US as a diplomatic arm of the TIAR, which is already more dead than ever in the South Atlantic, and also of the OAS. They are all the same, they are Pan-American organizations," he said. .

The relationship of Argentina and Brazil, key factor of continental stability

"We have run out of stabilizing elements, there cannot be one without an agreement between Argentina and Brazil. That is the big problem today, which does not mean that Mexico does not matter and the role it played in the crisis with Evo Morales," Indian.

"Chile's main copper buyer is China and it is the fundamental element of the Chilean armed forces because 40% of those taxes go to them, the same with Colombian oil. This implies that there are tectonic geoeconomic revolutions that we are not yet seeing in depth and that responds to that logic of the US-China trade war in Latin America, "Barrios said in an interview with Sputnik and M24 radio.

China: between internal threats and global strategies

In addition to 'International GPS', we consulted economist Gustavo Girado, master in international relations and director of the postgraduate course on China of the National University of Lanus of Argentina, about the latest news related to the Asian giant, mainly the search for exits to the commercial war with the US. "This negotiation is not going through the best moment. They are in an impasse, which is virtually splashed almost weekly by the versions that from both sides the negotiators are systematically taking to the media they use as diffusers of their position to see what the repercussion, "Girado said. "There is a point at which all agreements have been reached that are minimal and apparently it is a situation of technical tie," he added. "China since being part of the global club, that is since being a member of the WTO, has been accepting and fulfilling a large number of prerogatives required by its legislation and its internal regulations to be able to join," said the specialist. "Within that rationality acquired by the global movements of China, it intends that the US should not be so shocking with the IMF and use it as a" weapon "but instead be reused for its original purpose. That is why it prefers to be part of the Fund and work for your reconsideration, "he said. Turned also was consulted on the protests in Hong Kong.

"You don't have to be a very seasoned analyst in this; the fingerprints of the British Crown and the State Department are very evident and these manifestations, whose origin can be a little more diverse, clearly undermine China's economy and they generate a very strong domestic inconvenience in the light of the elections that will soon be on the island of Taiwan, "he explained.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

In the cultural closure and within the framework of the international day for the elimination of violence against women, date in which demonstrations have been called in different countries, we know more about this situation in an interview with Montse Montero, a member of the NGO Women in black In uruguay.

And as in each program the review of the outstanding news of Latin America and a report on the world panorama.

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