Chinese man lived for 15 years with a hairworm in his brain


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In Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, doctors removed 12 cm tapeworm from the brain of Wang Lei.

He first noticed in 2007 that he didn't feel his left side and his head started to headache. Wang Leiconsulted several specialists for the treatment of the disease. Although he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, his condition gradually deteriorated and he began to experience memory loss.

In 2018, doctors noticed that a tapeworm had been present in Wang's brain for 15 years. These parasites, commonly found in the stomachs of cats and dogs, are known to be very rare in humans.

Doctors suggested that the patient should be treated without surgery, since the wolf is very close to the vital parts of the brain. Then, seeing the drugs do not affect the parasite, doctors decided to perform risky surgery.

The doctor who performed surgery to remove the parasite from Wang's brain, “The operation was extremely risky. The live parasite was circulating in the brain. We had to remove it as it was, otherwise the rest could continue to grow ” said.

This is the fourth case in a year, he said.

Wang began to recover after surgery, said the health condition is good.

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