Brazilian state will train indigenous people in self-defense after leader assassination


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RIO DE JANEIRO (Sputnik) – The government of the Brazilian state of Maranhao (northeast) said it will create a special program to help indigenous communities defend themselves without firearms from their aggressors, after last weekend the leader Paulo Paulinho Guajajara, one of the "guardians" of the Amazon rainforest.

The decree that creates this program provides for "guidance, training and communication with specific groups of indigenous peoples who, without the use of firearms, carry out preventive surveillance actions on lands traditionally occupied by indigenous people," the Government of Maranhao reported. it's a statement.
The project will involve the Military Police, the Civil Police and the Fire Department, and will be under the competence of the Ministry of Public Security, with advice from the Secretariat of Human Rights and Popular Participation.
The duration is "indeterminate" and has as one of the objectives to collaborate with the federal (central government) bodies, which are the ones that actually have the duty to protect the indigenous people and their lands, as the Maranhao Government recalls.

"We are going to try to help even more federal officials and the indigenous guardians of the jungle, at the limit of the constitutional and legal competition of the Government of Maranhao," the governor of this state, Flavio Dino, of the Party said when presenting the decree. Communist of Brazil (PcdoB).
The members of the security forces must act to "prevent conflicts and violations of the rights of indigenous peoples," but they can also act to help prevent and combat illegal logging in indigenous lands.
The decision of the state government comes after the guardians of the jungle of the Arariboia indigenous land, in the area of ​​Bom Jesus das Selvas, were victims of an ambush on November 1 by illegal loggers, resulting in the death of Guajajara and from one of those involved in the attack.

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