Bolsonaro involved in the murder of Marielle Franco?


We must be very cautious with this information given its eventual severity, said Brazilian journalist Beto Almeida, consulted on 'GPS International'.

Brazil: TV Globo has already made a correction of its information

"In the first instance, the Brazilian television network had informed that the doorman of the building where President Jair Bolsonaro lived, declared before the courts, that he was accused by Elcio Queiroz, one of those accused of Franco's murder, told him hours before the crime, on March 14, 2018, that he was going to the president's house, which at the time was a federal deputy. "

"However, I was not going to Bolsonaro's 58th house, but to 65, which is the residence of Ronnie Lessa, the other accused of firing at the activist, which generated the president's furious reaction," Almeida said.

Another point that angered Jair Bolsonaro was that the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Wilson Witzel, had access to the file that is in justice under secrecy. Now the federal police, under the command of justice minister Sergio Moro, has control of the case.
Beto Almeida added that the television network Globo makes an open opposition to the president because he no longer receives the millionaire publicity guidelines from the government, when the television station favored it.
In this context, in addition the deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of the president, said that the country could return to the dictatorship if the left continues its offensive. Almeida considered that the country is experiencing a situation of political instability but not reaching the extreme what is lived in Chile on these days.

"The workers in Brazil are having losses of their rights, but the trade union movement was not able to carry out a mobilization to stop the reform. All this tension is due to the fact that next week the former president Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva could be freed, for the Supreme Court, "Beto Almeida, a Brazilian journalist, told Sputnik and M24 radio.

Lebanon has been protesting since October 17: the WhatsApp revolution

Saad Hariri endured 13 days of demonstrations before announcing his resignation as prime minister of Lebanon. Ruben Elias, President of the Palestinian People Support Commission – Uruguay, was in the last hours in the country and stressed that the policies implemented by International Monetary Fund and the world Bank they cause impact in different countries of the world and in the absence of an organized response, spontaneous manifestations arise that take a great dimension such as what happens in Chile.

"In the case of Lebanon, the protests are the product of an economic crisis and the application of austerity policies taken by the government, such as its intention to assess telephone calls through free internet messaging services, which caused an outbreak that it is not a product of that specific issue, "said Elias.

He added that in these demonstrations or popular movements there are young people from different religious communities unified by the request for change. "The concern today is how to get out of this situation, when there is also a power vacuum," said Ruben Elias.


In the cultural closing, we will know what the LATINUY 2019 festival will bring in cinematographic matters that will arrive from November 6 to the main spa of Uruguay, Punta del Este, with its eleventh edition. We talked with the organizer and producer Fernando Goldsman.

And as in each program the review of the outstanding news of Latin America and a report on the world panorama.

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