Bolivia's President warns of coup d'etat


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Bolivian President Evo Morales has warned against what he considers a threatening coup d'etat and called on the country's people to merge.

"Brothers and sisters, our democracy is threatened by a coup d'etat that groups of aggressive individuals are trying to assassinate. In the face of the international community, we resolutely reject this attack on the rule of law, "wrote Morales on his Twitter page.

Previously, the authorities had stated that they did not intend to send troops to the riot-ridden cities of Santa Cruz, Sucre and Cochabamba, where police officers had joined protesters. The government has banned the army from any operation, and Morales has called for special advice. As the police department reported, there is no riot among the police.

The protests in Bolivia had erupted after the vote count in the presidential elections on 20 October and hold since then.

According to Bolivia's Supreme Electoral Tribunal, incumbent President Morales has won the first round of voting. His main rival Carlos Mesa did not recognize the scores.

Morales sees the mass protests in the country as a coup attempt by right-wing forces dissatisfied with his re-election.

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