Bolivian women march massively in support of Evo Morales


LA PAZ (Sputnik) – Thousands of Bolivian women summoned by official unions and independent organizations marched in Cochabamba (center) in a demonstration of support for President Evo Morales that was followed by violent clashes between opponents and government officials, local media reported.

"We have voluntarily come to reject discrimination, racism and violence against women; we have come to say enough," said executive secretary of the Confederation of Peasant Women of Bolivia Bartolina Sisa, Segundina Flores, quoted state news agency ABI.

The march, in which according to the television network Aya Yala up to 200,000 women from the city and the countryside participated, culminated in a concentration in the central square of that city, capital of the homonymous department in which Morales achieved a wide victory in the general elections of October 20.
Flores denounced as "deeply discriminatory"an incident occurred during protests in the eastern city of Santa Cruz, where a woman who worked in a market was forced by opponents to kneel and apologize for supporting Morales, according to videos that circulated on social networks.
The media reported that after the demonstration there were hard clashes in the neighboring city of Quillacollo, which left at least two injured.

Those clashes occurred between peasants and official neighbors and a motorcycle squad called "Cochala Resistance"that emerged as a clash group of protesters who reject the re-election of Morales.

The clashes occurred when the police were unable to keep both sides apart.
The violence in Cochabamba followed the one in La Paz, where university students clashed for more than four hours with police and indigenous groups that guarded access to Plaza Murillo and the nearby Casa Grande del Pueblo, where Morales's office is .
Opponents, led by civic committees that relegated the traditional political leaders, demand the resignation of Morales and the call for new elections, after denouncing a alleged electoral fraud in favor of the President.

The Organization of American States is currently conducting an audit of the electoral process, but the opponents did not present evidence of the alleged fraud.

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