Bernadette Chirac breaks the silence to express her "very strong emotion"


The widow of Jacques Chirac, Bernadette, reported in a letter to the mayor of Cannes, his "very strong emotion" after receiving the register of condolences. This is the first time since the death of the former President that she spoke.

In a long awaited reaction, Bernadette Chirac sent a letter to the mayor of Cannes, David Lisnard. The widow of Jacques Chirac in particular expressed his feelings about the register of condolences, placed at the town hall the day after the death of the former President and then handed over to his widow.

"It is with great emotion that I received the register of condolences put, thanks to you, at the disposal of the inhabitants of Cannes. At the moment when my family and I are so painfully affected by Jacques' death, these marks of affection, friendship and loyalty go straight to the heart, "wrote Bernadette Chirac.

She wished that the Mayor convey his thanks to all those who left a note in the register.
"I would be infinitely grateful to be my interpreter, to all those who have so expressed their support, to tell them how deeply the sweetness of their words touches us deeply," she wrote. October 24, in his letter to the mayor, published on October 31 by Nice Matin.
Mrs. Chirac also expressed to Mr. Lisnard his "very great gratitude" for the condolences he had attached: "Know that your words of praise for my husband and his action moved us deeply and that we are of great comfort.

Death of Jacques Chirac

Jacques Chirac, who spent 12 years at the head of the French Republic, died on September 26, 2019 at the age of 86. He never completely recovered from his 2005 stroke. National Assembly President Richard Ferrand (LREM) said he was "now part of the history of France".

His mandates were marked by his "no" to the second Iraq war, the end of the military conscription, the recognition of the responsibility of the French state in the Nazi crimes, the passage to the five-year term or the cry of alarm ("our house burns") in the face of environmental degradation.

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