Attack on US military base in Iraq: 17 Katyusha missiles fired


The Iraqi Defense Ministry announced the launch of 17 missiles at the Kayyara Military Air Base in Mosul, where US troops were deployed.

Written statement made by the Media Security Network affiliated to the ministry, 17 Katyusha missiles were thrown to Kayyara Military Airbase in the south of Mosul, the attack did not cause death.

The statement also launched the operation of the security forces in the region for the capture of terrorists who recorded the attack.

The military airbase, located south of Mosul and 70 kilometers from the city center, has been used by US troops since 2016, when it was taken from the terrorist organization DAESH.

US troops were advising Iraqi security forces at the airbase in the context of an operation to rescue Mosul from Daesh.

Although the terrorist organization DAESH has been largely cleared of Mosul in July 2017, elements of the organization continue to be deployed, especially in rural areas, and occasionally launch attacks.

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