ASELSAN record: 1.6 billion TL profit in 9 months


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ASELSAN achieved a turnover of 7.6 billion liras in 9 months and reached its historical peak with a profit of 1.6 billion liras.

ASELSAN announced its financial results covering 9 months of the year.

Accordingly, ASELSAN maintained its record growth trend in the last years in this period and increased its total turnover by 47 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and reached TL 7.6 billion.

The export amount, which was 93 million dollars last year, increased by 54 percent and reached 143 million dollars.

ASELSAN's profit (EBITDA) increased by 44 percent compared to the previous period and reached 1.6 billion pounds and reached its peak as of 9-month results. The EBITDA margin was 20.4 percent in the range of 19-21 percent, which the company predicts at the end of the year.

As of the end of September, ASELSAN continued to receive new orders with a balance of USD 9.8 billion. The company announced on October 25, 2019 at the Public Disclosure Platform that it received approximately $ 290 million of additional orders.

ASELSAN General Manager See Review

ASELSAN Chairman and General Manager Dr. In his assessment of the subject, Haluk GOr said, "The 9 months that we left behind was a period in which we achieved very successful results in revenue, growth and profitability for our company. We continue our deliveries in line with our year-end targets and calendar. We continue our 50 percent revenue growth forecast. " used the phrase.
July-September period of the first half of the year, indicating that the collection was stronger in terms of GOrgun, "Collections continued in October, and the strong trend in October, the amount of collection in the first 9 months was well above the average." shared information.

GOrgun stated that he believes that the recovery trend in macro indicators regarding economic data will continue in the coming period and this expectation will have a positive effect on ASELSAN's activities.

Reminding that ASELSAN started to work with more than 975 new suppliers in 2019 and increased the number to over 4,600, GOrgun said that they included approximately 200 new employees to ASELSAN family this year.

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