Argentina's new head of state to the IMF rest: We do not pay this debt


Argentina's new President Alberto Fernandez, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has pulled the rest. During his predecessor Mauricio Macri's mandate to take over, he said the $ 57 billion debt owed to Argentina was unlikely to be paid under the current conditions of the Argentinean economy.

Recently elected president in Argentina Alberto Fernandezis responsible for the serious economic crisis facing his country. International Monetary Fund (IMF) said that.

“Everyone knows a lot about who is guilty, Fern Fernandez said in a 'Chat with Correa' program by former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa. IMF is guilty, "he said. President Fernandez's statements came just after IMF spokesman Gerry Rice said yesterday that "we will cooperate with the Fernandez administration."

During the program, Argentina's new head of state, "We are facing problems that will never happen to us," he acknowledged that they are on the verge of a serious economic crisis.
He is preparing to take over the current President Mauricio MacriFernandez claimed that the country's foreign debt has swollen since 2015. Fernandez added that the IMF lent $ 57 billion to keep Macri alive. And The most expensive political campaign in human history is Macri's campaign; It cost Argentina 57 billion dollars. ”
Fernandez also reminds that Argentina always pays its debts, said that they entered the IMF in 1957 and that they paid 100 percent of 9.8 billion dollars in 2005. The new president also said, gereken What the world needs to understand is that we are not like Macri. We're not lying. We can not pay this money under the conditions of the Argentine economy, "he said.

"The Argentinean economy needs to have dollars to recover, reproduce, re-export and fulfill its obligations in this way," Fernandez sent a message to the IMF. He claimed that there were 5 million new poor in the Macri period, leaving 40 percent of the Argentine population below the poverty line.

The IMF has given Argentina $ 44 billion out of the $ 56.3 billion it has committed to give under agreements signed with the Macri government. US President Donald Trump, in a telephone conversation with Fernandez last Friday, said the IMF would co-operate with the bailout undertaken by the current government. The legal deadline for the Macri government is officially expiring on November 10th.

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