Argentina fails to reduce the rate of a femicide every 32 hours


BUENOS AIRES (Sputnik) – During the year, 226 women were killed in Argentina, which maintains the average of one feminicide every 32 hours, the federal coordinator of the feminist movement Mumala (Women of the Latin American Matria) Sylvia Ferreyra revealed to Sputnik , which performs these surveys.

"The report accounts for 226 femicides so far this year, which reveals a victim of sexist violence every 32 hours," said the activist.

Between January 1 and October 31, violent aggressors directly killed 192 women, to which another 38 murders under investigation could be added.
68% of the perpetrators were partners or ex-partners of the victims, while another 26% were known or familiar to those killed.
The aggressors also snatched the lives of 12 women or girls and 16 boys or boys, in what is known as linked femicide, in addition to causing the orphanhood of 195 children and adolescents.

These figures "are in tune with what we have been relieving for the past four or five years," said the Mumala leader.

The organization notes that "a figure that is between 260 and 300 annual femicides has been installed at least from 2009 onwards, when the national law for the eradication of gender-based violence was passed."

"There are almost 10 years in which the figures continue to remain without public policies that address this problem, which not only occurs in Argentina, but here we have continuously these figures that hit our faces year after year," said Ferreyra.


During these 10 months, six transvestites were perpetrated, which reinforces the emergency situation in the country as a result of sexist violence, said the head of Mumala.
"In recent days we have lived two very relevant cases in the metropolitan area, with the femicide of a transvestite in the city of Buenos Aires and another that took place in the city of La Plata," capital of the province of Buenos Aires, Ferreyra commented.
This will be one of the claims that will be defended in the march of gay pride convened for this Saturday in the city of Buenos Aires, "which is renewed every year so that all the demands in the diverse collective are visible."

This demand was also present during the demonstration organized in La Plata by the 34th National Meeting of Women in mid-October.

Transvestites are "the weakest link in the escalation of violence by attacking this group that has a life expectancy of around 35 or 36 years," said the owner of Mumala.
This sector, violated by the lack of rights, urges the promotion of "concrete demands that must be made visible, such as assistance to health programs that have been approved at the national level and that have been cut, as well as the provision of medicines, "Ferreyra said.
The legislature of the province of Santa Fe (center-east) approved this week the transvestite-trans labor quota for the provincial state, so that no less than 5% of the positions are occupied by transvestites, transsexuals and transgender.

Four other provinces, that of Buenos Aires (east), Chaco (north), Chubut (south) and Rio Negro (south), have similar laws, but none complies with it so far.

Only 18% of transvestite and transgender people have been able to access formal employment, according to the latest study prepared in 2014 by the Guest Foundation and the Association of Transvestites, Transsexuals and Transgenders of Argentina.

Next Government

Attentive to the arrival of the next Government of the Peronist Alberto Fernandez, Ferreyra informed that they have been "demanding the implementation of the national emergency due to gender violence and concrete measures that attack this scourge of femicides nationwide."
Along these lines, a larger budget line is required for programs dedicated to this end, human resources and direct assistance for victims.
"As the need to face policies against hunger and poverty is made visible, it is equally urgent to declare the emergency due to gender violence to establish direct economic aid, free legal advice and shelters so that victims can move away from the circle of violence" He finished.

The president-elect, Alberto Fernandez, promised that once he assumes starting December 10, he will create a Women's Ministry.

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