An uproar in Saudi Arabia over what happened between a famous player and an employee at the King's Airport


Saudi media have caught fire and the media outbursts are heavily disturbed by what Al-Nasr player Moroccan Abdel Razek Hamdallah did with an employee at King Khaled International Airport in Riyadh.

The Saudi newspaper Al-Riyad published a report saying that the Saudi authorities had issued a decision banning the famous Moroccan player from traveling and leaving Saudi Arabia after he assaulted a female employee at King Khalid International Airport.
The report said that Hamdallah entered into a strong discussion with the employee who holds the rank of "sergeant", after the latter forced the wife of the player to pass through the radiological system pregnant.

The report said that Hamdallah clashed verbally with the Saudi employee, who edited a communication against him, and referred the case to the Saudi prosecution.

The Saudi employee said in her report that the Moroccan player, against her against the words of profanity, and tried to break into the area designated for the search of women.

In the official investigation, the player denied that completely and said he had not been beaten or verbally abused.

Hashtag quickly spread "Hamdallah attacks on security men" list of the most traded in Saudi Arabia, after it was published more than 33 thousand tweets in a few hours, and spread Hashtag "Hamad God offends the daughter of the homeland", which was launched by a number of users of networking sites attacking the player Moroccan.

Al-Riyad newspaper quoted sources at Al-Nasr club as saying that there are currently attempts by the Saudi club management to solve the crisis at King Khalid Airport Police Department.

The sources said that the cameras of the same area are being reviewed and an integrated report is submitted after taking statements from both sides.

The sources pointed out that the figures in the administration of victory are in intensive contact with the family of the security employee, in order to persuade her to give up the case.

According to the Saudi news channel prosecutors decided to release Hamdallah on bail, noting that he is banned from traveling until the investigation is completed.

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