Amir Abbas became rapper + video, photo


Cosmetic and abdominal surgery has become a new topic for users in cyberspace.

Amir Abbas Rajabian was born in Mazandaran, according to Sputnik, publishing a film about him on the internet that earned him fame and was able to attract the attention of people and artists for a short time. With her high fame and popularity, she is about to become an actress. In addition, he is posting a video of his singing on his Instagram page, which has been met with many users' reactions.

Users are surprised by the popularity and popularity of this guy's nightlife and believe that when a nation devotes time to pursue these issues, the third world will be. They believe that there are people who benefit from this boy's popularity and income, so it is they who are trying to make him famous.

Some users also believe that people themselves are raising people like Kechlik, and this shows their taste. But some users see the success as a result of his efforts and hope to make more progress in the arts.

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