American fear of Russia's "future weapon"


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According to the American magazine Popular Mechanics, groups of hundreds of UAVs carrying explosives to destroy various targets, including cars, paint a grim picture of the coming war with Russia.

According to Sputnik, the magazine focuses on the theory of shared use of the Flock-93 kamikaze drones at the INTERPOLITEX-2019 exhibition in Moscow. The theory was formulated by the Russian Air Force Academy, Nikolai Zhukovsky.

The US Journal notes that each drone is capable of flying and landing vertically and carrying up to 2.5 kg of combat load, and the drone group can fly from a small place such as a land surrounded by trees or a building roof.

According to Popular Mechanics, such weapons can be effectively neutralized with the help of laser cannons or electronic warfare systems, but if fully automatic drones are used, such methods would be futile. The American magazine also mentions Russia's technological backwardness from the West and China in the manufacture of drones.

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