American aircraft do not fly to where this weapon exists


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In the next few months, Russia will supply the Panzer air-defense artillery systems to Serbia.

This was stated by Alexander Mikheev, general manager of the Russian arms export company (Ross-Oboronexport).

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has said that his country will strengthen its air defense with the help of "Pantzer" systems and other systems that are not prohibited to supply to Serbia.

The Serbian president reacted negatively to a question about buying S-400 systems, pointing out that his country does not have the price of such a system at a time when it focuses on allocating funds to build roads.

The Serbian president, however, stressed his admiration for "this amazing weapon," noting that "who owns this weapon will not be attacked by anyone." He added: "Do not fly the US pilots and any other pilot where there are S400."

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