Al-Ahly goalkeeper speaks for the first time about the inclusion of Mohamed Salah and two adults in the lineup "Egypt Olympic"


Al Ahly goalkeeper, for the first time, talked about the possibility of including Mohamed Salah and two of the big players in the formation of the Egyptian Olympic team participating in "Tokyo 2020"

The Egyptian Olympic team has secured qualification to the Olympics "Tokyo 2020", after he managed to beat South Africa three goals without a response, in the semi-finals of the African Championship under 23 years.

The Olympic rules allow for the participation of football teams participating in the Olympic Games 3 older players.

Since the young pharaohs have qualified, talk has begun about the eligibility of the top players to qualify for the "Tokyo 2020 Olympics", and the identity of the three players, who are reported to be Mohamed Salah, Tarek Hamed and Ahmed Hijazi.

Al Ahli goalkeeper Sherif Ekramy spoke about the controversy in a tweet on his Twitter account, criticizing interest in including the three big players at the expense of a plan to prepare the Olympic team for that important international forum.

Ikrami said: "We did not wonder about the map of strong preparation or how the players and the technical staff will develop themselves for the Olympics, or whether the Egyptian league will help players appear honorably in Toki."

"Instead, the first question asked to public opinion is who is the big trio who deserves to join!"

He continued saying

"It is as if we are used to the superficiality, professionalize the controversy and addict the difference."

The final of the tournament will be held on Friday evening at the Cairo Stadium, between Cote d'Ivoire and Egypt, to determine the first and second places, while South Africa play with Ghana to determine the third and fourth places, and the team that will accompany the Pharaohs and elephants in the upcoming Olympics.

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