After several breakdowns: Bundestag members demand shorter meetings


Following the collapse of two MPs during ongoing plenary sessions in the Bundestag, politicians from several political groups have called for a limitation of Parliament's sittings.

Accordingly, one should finally stop with the night sessions, said Bundestag Vice President Thomas Oppermann (SPD) to several newsletters.

"Midnight should be over."

For a shortening of the debate also spoke the SPD health politician Karl Lauterbach and the Stuttgart CDU deputies Stefan Kaufmann. MEPs also had load limitssaid Kaufmann of the German Press Agency.

"Debates after 1:00 o'clock at night should be excluded from the outset."

If you meet from 8:00 to 23:00 clock, that would still be 15 hours of work, said Lauterbach the editorial network Germany.

The CSU deputy and doctor Stephan Pilsinger is also in favor of limiting the debate period. He also called for an amendment to the Bundestag rules of procedure.

Thus, one or more additional weeks of meetings could "equal the tight schedule," said Pilsinger of the "Augsburger Allgemeine" (Saturday).

Several breakdowns in the Bundestag

On Thursday, the CDU politician Matthias Hauer collapsed during a speech. Later a member of the Left suffered a feeble-hit on the same day. This triggered a debate about the working hours of MEPs. Bundestag meetings often go well past midnight.

Union, SPD and Left politicians also blame the AfD for this and accuse it of putting unnecessary debates on the agenda.

Lauterbach referred to the debate to save the cash while the hewer had collapsed. This had requested the AfD. Nobody wants to abolish the cash in the Bundestag, said Lauterbach.

"In the past, speeches on issues that were approved were mostly recorded," Pilsinger said. The AfD insists on talking about all topics.

"I think they are all about producing material for their video clips."

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