According to Trump, the prosecution sessions 'fake'


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US President Donald Trump described the public hearings in the ongoing charge against him as a "phony court".

Trump made statements to reporters before the White House cabinet meeting.

Related to the investigation Trump, "Currently tiny pinwheel Adam Schiff There is a phony court run by. We have no lawyers, no witnesses. I still watched this investigation. Republicans are killing this investigation. They're doing a good job because this investigation is a fraud."

Democrats are using the dismissal investigation for their own political interests, Trump said, "Democrats are trying to hurt me and the Republican Party.

Responded to reviews about his health

Trump, on the other hand, claims about his health in the US media, "This was a routine check. I visited the family of a wounded soldier. When I'm done, I returned home," he said.

Trump continues to criticize the press, "These people are sick. The press is really dangerous in this country. There is no press freedom in this country. There's the opposite. We have a corrupt press. I hope they correct their behavior, because the way they're going is very dangerous." said.

Intimidation to China

Trump also touched upon ongoing trade agreement talks with China, "he said.China will have to make a deal like I wanted. If we do not agree with China, I will increase customs duties even more"

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