A volunteer firefighter in Australia struggling with fires accused of arson


Australia has been battling forest fires for months, while a 19-year-old teenager, who volunteered to join the fire brigade, was accused of arson. A young criminal who is alleged to have set fire in seven areas may face a long prison sentence.

Australia, Which is the most affected state in the country for nearly three months New South WalesVolunteer for fire brigade in Turkey Blake William Banner claimed to have started a fire Tuesday in Bega Valley area, then went back to center to participate in fire fighting.

Banner, who was arrested two hours later on charges of causing a fire, reportedly launched six more fires since October 17.

Firefighter Angry

Director making a statement on behalf of the local fire department Shane Fitzsimmons, Bu This behavior, which is the subject of the allegations, is a betrayal of our team and society. Our members were rightly angry that the alleged behavior committed by an individual overshadowed the reputation and intense efforts of many people ” used the phrase.
Blake William Banner, who appeared before the judge on Bega, was released on bail, and the next hearing was scheduled for December 17th.
Banner could be sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence if convicted. Six people were killed and more than 600 houses were damaged in the country's ongoing fires.

Arson is common

In Australia, fires that start in the bushes in the summer every year cause loss of life and property, while incidents of arson are common.

A 23-year-old fire brigade again accused of setting fire in three regions in Western Australia in 2016 3 years and 4 months in prison He had received.

Between 2001-2004 in New South Wales More than 1500 suspected fires viewing authorities, 50 people accused of making fire, 11 of the volunteer firefighters.

Experts argue that such actions by fire volunteers could do more harm than the fire itself. According to the experts, these actions reduce the public's trust and belief in the fire brigade, and also lead to a loss of morale and motivation in firefighters struggling with investigations and allegations.

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