A tourist immobilizes a plane by opening an emergency door just before takeoff – photo


A Thai Smile Airways flight from Chiang Mai airport to Bangkok, Thailand, was canceled in extremis on Thursday (November 7th) after a supposedly "drunk" passenger opened an emergency exit at the airport. a few minutes to take off.

A "drunken" tourist sowed panic in a flight of Thai low-cost airline Thai Smile Airways by opening an emergency door, causing the evacuation slide to deploy. The incident took place on Thursday November 7th on the tarmac at Chiang Mai airport in northern Thailand, as the Airbus A320 with 86 passengers on board was preparing to take off towards the airport. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

In a statement to the press, the spokesman for the company said that "the passenger ran to open the emergency door on the left wing of the plane" while waiting "on the circulation voice before takeoff. "The captain immediately suspended the flight and asked the ground and security officials to intervene," he added.

One passenger told the press that the tourist was "drunk".

The person concerned was arrested and placed in police custody. He remains at the disposal of the investigation conducted by the security services of the airport who say for now "do not know his motivation."

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