A family of 4 was found dead in Antalya: the cause may be cyanide


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Four people, two of them children, 2 and 7 years old, were found dead in a house in Antalya. 3 police officers and 3 paramedics who came to the scene by calling the relatives of the relatives who couldn't get news from the family were taken to the hospital affected by the smell in the house.

The event, today at 02:00 ranks Konyaalti district Siteler Quarter 1315 Street Talip YOrukoğlu Apartment occurred. A relative who cannot hear from the Lightning family, came home around 20:00 yesterday. The relatives who stepped on the bell returned after the door did not open. The same person who came home again at midnight, again on the door to the police reported the situation. Police teams from the scene, the public prosecutor opened the door with the help of a locksmith.

The lifeless body of the father and children found hand in hand

Police teams entering the house, Selim Simsek and their children Ceren and Ali Cinar in the living room bodies were found hand in hand. Controlling other parts of the house, the police found the body of the mother Sultan Simsek in the bathroom.

Cyanide building evacuated

Police teams while taking security measures around the site, the health officials from the examination of the family may have died due to cyanide poisoning said. Thereupon, police teams, the door of other apartments evacuated the building by knocking. Some of the residents of the building went to their homes and some sat at the parking and bus stops. Police allowed the residents of the building to enter their homes one by one. The street was closed to car and pedestrian traffic.

Afyonkarahisar expected a special team

Provincial Police Department Crime Scene Investigation Identity Branch Directorate, Disaster and Emergency Department (AFAD) teams wearing special clothes and building around the investigation launched. Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Threats (CBRN) team was requested from Afyonkarahisar to determine the presence of cyanide in the apartment.

Letter found at home

A cargo arrived home in the morning, the police at home examination, Selim Simsek left a letter found.
Mehmet Var, one of the residents of the building, said: "At 3 am, the doorman knocked on the door. On the 8th floor, a family had lifeless bodies. The police evacuated the building.

Another building resident Serkan Abacı, "I woke up on the noise. When the door opened and exit the apartment officer on the 8th floor of a family of 4 people have lifeless bodies, said cyanide poisoned. Said that the family's bodies are evacuated. I have a cat. I took him out. I do not know the family, "he said.

On the other hand, the team entering the building first, was detained in hospital for security reasons. The situation of the police and medics is good, they were kept under custody.

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