13 thousand corruption file at the table of the Iraqi parliament


The head of the Kurdistan Islamic Group, Salim Hamza, told the Sputnik correspondent in Iraq on Monday (November 18th) the number of corruption files on the Iraqi parliament table.

Hamza, a deputy for the Kurdistan Alliance in the Iraqi parliament, that more than 13 thousand file corruption, at the table of the House of Representatives, which pursues officials, politicians, and MPs, involved.

Hamza added, as we voted in parliament a month ago on the package of reforms, and also during the past days, we voted on a package of reforms, and we will continue reforms, and is set to lift the immunity of some of the deputies involved in corruption, to bring them to justice, and if they are innocent return to their posts, They are criminals, and corrupt, surely they will receive their just punishment.

He also stressed, within the reforms approved by the parliament, activate the Integrity Commission, and follow-up on matters related to the corrupt, and will punish the corrupt, some of whom still hold legislative or executive positions, and this is an important positive step, gives good messages to the demonstrators, and the Iraqi street.

Hamza explained on the 13 thousand files of corruption .. He said: "In the previous session we have prepared the project" Where do you get this "and also with the anti-corruption project, a specialized court is formed for these perpetrators involved in corruption."

He concluded the head of the Kurdistan Islamic Group parliamentary bloc that the prime minister is serious in pursuing the corrupt, including them will be returned to the state treasury, a lot of money, smuggled, and the House of Representatives continues to follow up on state affairs, and vote on projects.

The Iraqi Integrity Commission issued arrest warrants for officials in a number of provinces on corruption charges, while the Hilla Criminal Court ordered the arrest of the governor of Babylon because of his absence from the special hearing on charges of forgery.

A local source in the province of Babylon, told the agency "Sputnik", on Sunday, November 17, that "the Criminal Court of Hilla, the center of the province of Babylon, issued a warrant for the arrest of Governor Karar al-Abadi for not attending today's trial session on charges of forgery, while postponing the consideration of the case to the ninth November 10. "

The Integrity Commission also issued a decision to arrest a member of the Babil Provincial Council for irregularities that marred the construction of Shomali gas station, in addition to a recruiting order against the former inspector general of the Ministry of Health, because of irregularities in the contract to establish a 400-bed hospital in Babil province.

In the province of Salah al-Din, the Commission on Integrity, issued an order against a deputy from the province in the current Iraqi parliament against the back of the disbursement of funds for purposes other than allocated to them, during his tenure as governor.

The commission said that "the court investigating the integrity issues in Salah al-Din issued an order against one of the current members of the House of Representatives, the former governor of Salah al-Din on the charge of spending 10 billion dinars allocated to meet the needs of security and civil institutions in the province for purposes other than allocated," adding that the court decided Also "Bringing the mayor of Samarra district and the accountant in the list as they are members of the disbursement committee in the case."

In the province of Najaf, the Integrity Commission, the issuance of orders to bring senior officials in the province.

The Commission said in a statement that "the Court of Inquiry for the consideration of integrity cases in Najaf issued orders to bring the accused, former chairman of the provincial council and the head of the reconstruction and adviser to the governor, in addition to a former member of the Board of Investment Commission," pointing out that "the orders They were questioned in the case concerning granting an investment license to an Arab company for five years to establish Najaf International Airport in violation of the law. "

The authority added that "the court issued an order against the president of the provincial council in the case of the Council to open financial accounts without the approval of the Ministry of Finance," pointing out that "these accounts relate to the amounts obtained through the sale of residential plots, in addition to the province's share of visitors fees and revenues Najaf Garage ".

Since early October, there have been widespread protests calling for better living conditions, fighting corruption, dismissing the government, dissolving parliament, and holding early elections.These protests have seen more than 300 demonstrators and security men killed and more than 15,000 injured.

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