12 days on wide fluctuations in Saudi Arabia … What happens in the Kingdom


Khalid al-Zaak, a member of the Arab Space and Astronomical Union, said it was only 12 days to start the winter square in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Zaaq wrote on his Twitter account: "12 days remained and the tag ends and the winter square enters us. Twenty days of the square are a sign for the rain. Now on all rainy places. "

The General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection, Saudi Arabia expected the coming weather fluctuations, according to the website of "citizen" Saudi Arabia.

In a report, the Commission warned that the Kingdom's atmosphere is affected by instability in some parts of the Kingdom, where it is expected to show thunderstorms, which may be accompanied by hail and winds of up to 45 kilometers per hour or more, which may cause dust and dust.

The Commission pointed out that the impact of this situation starts from Friday on the heights of Jazan, Asir and Al-Baha with moderate rain in the whole, and the Makkah region is expected to show moderate to heavy rainfall.

He pointed out that from Saturday is expected to be affected by the region of Hail, Qassim, and the eastern rainfall in the whole, and in the Riyadh region is expected to be affected by medium to heavy rain.

The Commission predicted that the temperature will continue to fall in the north, central and east of the Kingdom, while the thunderstorm with active winds will continue on the southern parts of the eastern region.

The Commission warned of the activity of surface winds, causing dust and dust on the regions of Mecca and Medina include coastal parts of it, as expected fog during the night and early morning hours on the western highlands and southwest and eastern parts of it.

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