Ziliani attacks Conte and re-evaluates Wanda Nara


The disappointment for the knockout with Juve in the direct clash on Sunday a San Siro has not yet been disposed of. The stop in this sense does not help: there will be two weeks to rethink what did not work against the Italian champions and to understand what should improve the Nerazzurri team, which on the eve seemed credited with a better shape and all the weapons to confirm the leadership in the standings.

EXPLANATION – A reason, very clear, the technician Conte tried to explain. In the post-match the Nerazzurri coach did not speak of an unjust result, he did not attack the referee but limited himself to a simple equation: on the pitch, the strongest player wins. And the samples have them Juve.

THE CONFERENCE – In the press room Conte had said: "It is said that by changing the order of the addends the result does not change. Let's talk about Ronaldo, Ramsey, Higuain, Dybala, Emre Can, Bentancur, Bernardeschi, Rabiot … We need to recognize and give merit to what has been built in these years. If Juve goes to take a champion like Ronaldo, so much his hat ”.

GROWTH – Basically Conte got his hands on it, remembering that his Inter was just born and doesn't have all the top players he has Sarri: "Juventus has grown, the others backwards. Now we are trying to try to build, when you have a skyscraper in front of you, it seems to be more and more tiring, because you can't see the light. We must be visionaries, behind that skyscraper we need the zone of light ".

THE TWEET – Words that pushed Paul Ziliani to comment on the situation on twitter. The Inter coach does not come out well while the figure of Wanda Nara is re-evaluated for the criticisms made last year.

THE PROVOCATION – The journalist of the Fatto Quotidiano writes on social media: "Wanda Nara he once said on TV that he served stronger players and was stoned; Conte who weaves on TV the praise of the extraordinary skill of the Juventus players, indirectly meaning to have at their disposal of the most …, instead it is a big one. Amen".

REACTIONS – Do not wait for reactions on twitter: "When you say don't miss the opportunity to shut up for Wanda. Icardi has never won with Juve and has never won anything. Please, madam, lose yourself in Paris now! And ask + assists Di Maria "or again:" Truly Icardi and Wanda showed why they were kicked out of Inter ”and again:“ But what is Wanda Nara paid for? Sitting on the stool next to the conductor I heard her open her mouth after 1 hour and 40 minutes ”. The comment is for Conte: "Crying is not important, it is the only thing that matters. To each his own slogan ".

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