Young scientists invent smart sneakers



The press office of the National University of Nuclear Research (Miffi) reported that the students who are going to study at the university have developed sneakers, able to inform the owner of where to turn, as well as provide information on the number of steps and calories burned.

One of the most pressing problems facing residents of large cities is the issue of movement in an unfamiliar place. Hence, the popularity of mobile navigation devices has increased dramatically among the inhabitants of these cities. However, sometimes users of these devices and apps find it difficult to navigate and see where to go.

In addition, each user has to continuously look at the screen to track. This in itself distracts users from what's happening around them and increases the risk of being threatened as they move in

the path.

These pre-university students have come up with a unique solution to this problem, by creating smart sneakers capable of playing a compass, and guiding the person to the right path. The principle of operation of these shoes is very simple, that when approaching the turn to the right, the right shoe pad vibrates, and when you need to turn left, the left shoe shoe vibrates.

Researchers Alexander Pinchuk and Maxim Levkin involved in the BiGiPiS project noted:

"We have designed an electronic unit that synchronizes with a special mobile app via Bluetooth and receives information about a particular route. This electronic unit performs all the necessary tasks without obstructing movement and can be connected to regular sneakers. Here the user only needs to use the phone once, after which he can In addition to the navigation system, the system also calculates the distance traveled and the number of steps and calories burned. So this information can be found in the mobile application.

The scientific team plans to further develop the BiGiPiS project, as the smart clothing market is growing every year. Designers believe that, probably within a few years, smart sneakers – in terms of the prevalence factor among users – will be compared with smart watches.

Valentine Klimov, deputy director of the Institute for Intelligent Electronic Systems at the National University of Nuclear Research, Miffi, noted that the design of pre-university students is interesting, and that the designers are undoubtedly talented young people who have every opportunity in the future to continue their studies at the university.

He continued:

“Our schoolchildren have previously designed unique projects. For example, our students last year designed a multifunctional steering system for the visually impaired, won the International Children's Engineering Competition. They won the Junior competition and participated in the largest international ISEF competition. These young people are studying in the first year, which indicates the high level of applicants to study at our university. "

According to Dr. Valentin Klimov, students and young scientists at the National University of Nuclear Research (MEFI) are involved in other projects that make life easier for people with limited capacity and disabilities. For example, researchers at the university created a wheelchair designed specifically for patients with reduced mobility, which is controlled by vision. A student at Miffi University's Graduate School of Engineering has designed a bioelectric device that helps people with limb loss get back to life.

Dr. Valentin Klimov concluded by saying:

“As usual, students who are passionate about technical innovation occupy the top positions in the Olympics or engineering competitions. This success gives them advantages when they study at Miffe University. After that, as students at our university, they can continue to participate in technical innovation in many courses. Engineering, participation in international competitions and the World Olympics with a view to reaching new heights. "

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