"You need to tie your hands behind your back or arrange for me to run 42 kilometers before this." Kharitonov answered the call of Taktarov


Mixed martial artist Sergey Kharitonov reacted to the challenge of the first Russian UFC champion Oleg Taktarov.

Earlier, the 52-year-old athlete proposed Kharitonov to conduct sparring according to the rules of the fight and teach "to glorify the homeland in the international arena."

– I'll be honest, both of them (Alexander Emelianenko and Oleg Taktarov – approx. red) wake up with a serious binge and begin to throw calls. A few days ago, Taktarov challenged, but I only found out today that Taktarov challenged me to battle. To fight with him, I need to tie my hands behind my back or make an agreement so that I run 42 kilometers before this and the forces are more or less equal.

– A person says inadequate things. This is all alcohol. I’m not saying that he is the wrong athlete, he was successful. But alcohol does inappropriate things to a person. I won’t go to the battle, I repeat, either hands need to be tied or something to make it interesting to watch this fight. I am 39 years old, Oleg is already 52 years old. If someone is interested in organizing this fight, I repeat – I will not quit, it is necessary that there are equal conditions. I need to come up with a test so that the forces are equal, ”Kharitonov said at a press conference before the GFC 18 tournament.

Recall that on November 14, a 39-year-old fighter will meet with Briton Linton Wassell at Bellator 234. Kharitonov’s track record in MMA is 37 fights, in which he won 29 victories.

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