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Now it’s more pleasant to look at the UEFA coefficient table. The only Portuguese club playing in the Champions League, received in full from the “Zenith”. Petersburgers were better in all components, for 90 minutes of the match and absolutely deservedly won. Although the statistics were not left to the team of Semak, Petersburgers were less likely to hit on goal: 17 strikes against eighteenless likely to hit the target 6: 7 and less possession of the ball 43:57, the game clearly defined the winner. Who was the brightest spot in the composition of Zenit, who was a little awake – figured out "Euro-football.ru”, Subjectively assessing the football players of Semak for the match against the Portuguese“ Benfica ”.

The maximum number of points is 10 (score at the beginning of the match – 6.0).


ANDREY LUNYOV – 5.5. A cool shot came at Raul De Thomas, but the goalie corner needs to be kept. Andrey waved a hand over himself – this did not help the team. More Lunev was not in the game, Seferovich and Taarabt screwed up their moments without the help of the goalkeeper. Andrei played a rather average match, although he managed to fend off 6 not very dangerous shots on target.

BRANISLAV IVANOVICH – 6.0. We start not with the best Zenit players. Ivanovich was also inconspicuous and almost did not differ in useful actions. No rebounds, no interceptions, few transfers to attack. Only 1 time the Serb won the upper hand, Seferovich dangerously beat from under it. And the skirmish with Rakitsky, which indirectly led to the goal of De Thomas, summed up not the best match.

YAROSLAV RAKITSKY – 6.5. Rakytskyy only spoiled his portfolio for the match with this stupid skuffle. The rest of Yaroslav was much more useful than Ivanovich. 2 + 2 in the selection + interception system, 8 long gears for the development of the offensive, three of which smartly accelerated the attack. Plus, Yaroslav added 5 martial arts won.

DOUGLAS SANTOS – 7.0. A powerful wagon pulled out the Zenith from the second Bundesliga. He played the central midfielder in RPL, switched to the left flank and instantly remembered all the necessary skills. He covered Pizzi perfectly on the edge, made 5 successful strokes in the connections, almost scored a goal, sending the ball into the crossbar with a half-curtain.

IGOR RESIDENTS – 6.0. But Smolnikov, who missed the match with Lokomotiv, made a pale shadow of himself. Only two connections on the flank, one of which ended in a loss. Not a single sensible canopy and lonely selection, plus 1 interception. No wonder Igor was the first to be replaced.

VILMAR BARRIOS – 8.0. So we approached the heroes of the match. The center of the Zenith field is beauty. Faith and Pires will remember for a long time how they were humiliated. Barrios in the supporting zone did not allow his opponents to raise their heads. Taarabt, Feisa – all fell under the pressure of Wilmar. 4 selections, 4 interceptions and he was never beaten 1 in 1.

MAGOMED OZDOEV – 9.0. MVP match. Yes, it is Magomed, not Dziuba or Azmun. Firstly, he has two assists out of two possible (Karavaev is well done, but they don’t give an assist for his own goal). Secondly, how he “got” these programs. First he robbed Faith, then he quickly played a free kick. Thirdly, Ozdoev managed to do everything: 4 successful dribbling, 3 selections, 2 interceptions.

OLEG SHATOV – 5.5. And the second player who missed the match with Loko did not get into the game against Benfica. Grimaldo proved to Zenith that he is a cool defender. Shatov was once allowed to break past from an average distance and that’s all, Oleg’s exacerbations didn’t go. He helped quite a bit in defense, having made 2 selections, but Semak has already chosen Shatov as the second candidate for replacement.

SEBASTIAN DRIUSSI – 7.0. The Argentinean moved smartly a lot, but it is clear that he is much more comfortable in the “Ten” position. Dryussi brought all aggravations, shifting to the semicircle of the penalty area. It was dribbling with Sebastian (2 of 2), but there were no blows (3 of 4 in milk). To useful actions, diligent Sebastian also added 3 selections.

ARTHEM JUBA – 8.5. The motivated Dziuba seems to be returning to the conditions of the 2018 World Cup. Ten won martial arts, five sharpening assists, two shots on target – one goal. “Magnit” balls, developed attacks, “released” partners. Everything is science. Confidently realized the moment, breaking through the goalkeeper's supporting leg.

SERDAR AZMUN – 8.0. And Serdar woke up. In the match against “Benfica” at “Zenith” in the attack, everything coincided. The speed of Azmuna became an insoluble task for the Portuguese defense. As the Iranian began to run away from the third gate after a long throw from the third minute, until the 70th he did not notice his rivals. If Azmun adjusted the implementation a little, he would have issued poker.




Ivan Terentyev

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