What hides the purchase of 9 F-35 fighters by the Netherlands


The Netherlands has announced its plans to acquire nine F-35 fighters from the US, increasing its fleet of these fifth-generation devices to 46 units. However, this move will not allow Washington to compensate for the loss of Turkey as a customer, which at the time was inclined to buy Russian S-400 systems.

The acquisition of the F-35, estimated at more than 1,000 million dollarss, will allow the Netherlands to create the third squad of these fighter jets in their Air Forces. Four fighters would always be ready to participate in NATO missions, while the others could execute operations related to the defense of the country, training and maintenance.
To complete the third squad, Amsterdam needs 15 aircraft, although different NATO experts believe that finally their number could increase.

The Dutch Parliament has supported the future acquisition, Defense News portal Dick Zandee, an analyst on the defense of the think tank Clingendael

In turn, the Dutch Government has already included the cost of the new F-35s in its annual report for NATO. In this way, they take the necessary steps to increase defense spending up to 2% of GDP, as the president of the United States, Donald Trump, demanded from the States that are part of the Atlantic Alliance.

On the other hand, Zandee believes that the new ships are not likely to play a considerable role and are not able to fill the void left in the supply inventory after the Trump Administration expelled Turkey from the F- construction program. 35 He sin Turkish was buying the S-400 from Russia. The US military believes that the use of both systems will allow Russia to seize sensitive data on these aircraft with the help of sensors installed in its air defense systems.

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