What happens after the parliamentarians are cut?


9 October 2019 – 12:21

Times, corrective measures and a new electoral law. The green light for the reform – which could be stopped by a possible referendum – dictates a new parliamentary agenda. that's how

If none of the legitimate subjects (500 thousand voters, 5 regional councils, one fifth of the members of a Chamber) ask for a confirmatory referendum, the law that cuts through 343 parliamentarians (37.5 percent) will be definitively promulgated in January by the head of state . If, on the other hand, there will be a referendum request (there is time until January 7th), the time gets longer: at that point the referendum could take place in late spring (the government has two months to fix the date of the ballot boxes that are added to the month granted for the verification of the applicants' signatures). In case of victory of the s to the government would then be granted another 60 days to exercise the delegation (already approved by ordinary law, 5/2019) which authorizes him to redesign the colleges. Only after summer 2020, therefore, could one go to vote to elect reduced rooms, of 400 deputies and 200 senators. If instead any confirmatory referendum should prevail, all would remain unchanged.

9 October 2019 | 12:21


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