Were German "radioactive waste" disposed of in Russia? Rosatom speaks of "disinformation"


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The subsidiary of Russian nuclear power company Rosatom, Tenex, rejected on Wednesday a report by the environmental organization Greenpeace on alleged imports of radioactive waste from Germany to Russia as "disinformation".

Greenpeace had earlier criticized Urenco for exporting depleted uranium hexafluoride from Gronau as a waste product from uranium enrichment to Russia for further use at Rosatom. The environmental organization noted that the imported substances were allegedly radioactive and toxic and disposed of in such quantities in Russia that can not be processed at all.

"The statements of Greenpeace on the import of radioactive waste from Germany are absolutely not reality and constitute disinformation. There is no question of radioactive waste being imported into Russia," says the Tenex statement.

Instead, the company specified that the depleted uranium would be imported into Russian enrichment plants for processing and then exported back abroad in the form of enriched uranium products.

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