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Paolo Fox announces how it will be weekend for the various zodiac signs. THE'horoscope of the weekend will see signs kissed by luck and others will suffer astral opposition. But what the forecasts for Saturday and Sunday will be like. Here is the following.Read also> Horoscope of Paul Fox: week of tensions for Taurus, flashbacks for Scorpio

Aries. At this time it is better to act with prudence, stay away from controversies and pressures that could shake the waters and not in your favor.

Bull. The next days will be profitable for love, it will be a good weekend for clarifications and to make peace in case there is a desire and a need.

Gemini. They will be interesting days, especially if you have new work or home-related projects in mind. Good news coming.

Cancer. Love will be propitious this weekend, you are often surrounded by people who are not easy to manage, but this weekend you will get the best of it.

Lion. These are subdued days of love, if you do not understand the tones and nervousness, very heated arguments may arise. Don't waste time on work.

Virgin. They will be days of recovery, at least from a physical point of view. The stress of the last few weeks still affects a lot but things get better.

Weight scale. Weekend of recovery to dedicate to love. Try to get busy and organize something nice to make the most of these two days.

Scorpio. Just days for love, to rediscover feelings and do something beautiful with your loved one. If you want, it's the right time to make a proposal.

Sagittarius. It will be a weekend of recovery because you will no longer have the opposite moon. Good news will come at work, there may be positive changes.

Capricorn. You need to clarify your feelings, if there has been a crisis you have to understand if you should go ahead or if you have reached the end of the line.

Aquarium. During the weekend, dedicate yourself to work projects, what you will throw down during this period will be lucky in the future. Changes also arriving in the family.

Fish. Weekend sentiments favored. You want to love and you can experience beautiful emotions if you are careful in the choices you make.

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