US plan to contain Russia in the Black Sea


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The US-based Rand Analytical Center released a report on Russia's containment strategy in the Black Sea region.

Russia has recently upgraded its Black Sea fleet and increased its power in the southern military areas, Sputnik reports.

Experts say the air defense systems and coastal missiles should be deployed in Romania and Bulgaria to counter Russia's "growing influence" in the region. It is also necessary to expand NATO exercises and help develop defense capabilities of Ukraine and Georgia.

In recent years, Russia has faced unprecedented NATO activity on its borders. NATO has called the issue "deterrence from Russian aggression".

In early April, NATO countries agreed on measures to support Ukraine and Georgia in the Black Sea. The agreement was ratified during a meeting in Washington.

Moscow has also responded by saying that the increase in NATO forces in the East contradicts the guarantees previously provided by Western leaders, and that Russia will take countermeasures, including those aimed at Ukraine or Georgia. It is within this bloc that they must accept responsibility for its consequences.

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