US military: Ukraine is ready to use "Gavlin" missile systems


the world.

The commander of the US European Command and NATO commander in Europe, General Todd Walters, announced that enough soldiers in Ukraine have been trained to use the US anti-tank missile systems, Gavelin missiles.

Moscow-Sputnik. "The Ukrainian army is very happy to have Gavlin systems," the general told a news conference on Friday. True.

"I think we have just come to the point where we can say yes Ukrainian troops are ready to use them," he said.

The general also said that Ukraine bought these systems from the United States of America.

The US State Department approved yesterday a second deal to sell these systems to the Ukrainian authorities, worth $ 40 million.

The Pentagon is providing funds in coordination with the State Department for military expenditures, including "lethal defensive weapons", military training, logistics, reconnaissance support, and replacement of weapons previously provided by the United States to Ukraine.

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