US duties, from today will be in force on European products


Today the day of the notorious duties wanted by Donald Trump against the made in Europe. One minute after midnight (Washington time, in Italy it was 6.01) the administration of the US president imposed tariffs for a value of 7.5 billion dollars on products imported from European Union countries. Withdrawals will mainly affect Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom. But even Italy is not exempted from the Trumpian "sting". Many made in Italy products are subject to additional import levies of 25% ad valorem: from cheeses (starting from pecorino and parmesan) to our liqueurs and bitters.

The measure was intended by Trump as a sort of compensation for public funds to Airbus, in a dispute that for 15 years has affected the European aircraft manufacturer and the American competitor Boeing. As for Italy, only 1% of our export ended up on the list (although some names are illustrious). The economic advisor of the White House, Larry Kudlow, explained that this cannot be the last word. And in fact, he assured that Trump will examine the demands of Italy. This half-open towards the Bel Paese would be due to the fact that Rome is not directly involved in state aid to the Airbus consortium.

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