Ukrainian court offers Putin a birthday present


the world.

An activist of the 2014 revolution was arrested in Ukraine.

A court in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, has jailed former MP Sergei Pashinsky, an active participant in the “ Revolution of the Field 2014 '', a coup that toppled legitimate President Viktor Yanukovich, until December 4, 2019.

The court ordered the arrest of Pachainsky on charges of assaulting Vyacheslav Khemikos, a resident of the Kiev countryside, using firearms.

"The judge's decision is a birthday gift for Putin," Pachinsky said after the judge read out his decision.

Pashinsky is one of the hardliners who organized demonstrations in central Kiev in 2014 and rioted to overthrow Ukraine. The putschists revealed hostile feelings towards Russia.

On October 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrated his 67th birthday.

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