Turkish offensive could leave millions of people without drinking water in northeastern Syria


BEIRUT (Sputnik) – At least two million people may run out of drinking water due to the air strikes launched by the Turkish military against the Mansoura dam in northeastern Syria in the framework of their Peace Fountain operation, Syrian television reports.

"Turkey is bombing the Mansoura dam next to the Syrian city of Al Malikiya, in the Hasaka governorate; (the reservoir) provides drinking water to two million citizens," the media reports.

The president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, announced on October 9 the start of the Peace Fountain operation in northern Syria, which aims to "neutralize terrorist threats against Turkey and lead to the establishment of a safe area that contribute to the return of Syrian refugees to their homes. "

The operation is directed against the forces of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK, terrorists for Turkey) and the Kurdish-Syrian militias that Ankara links with the PKK and dominate the northeast of Syria.
Turkish forces have already attacked the towns of Ras al Ain, Al Darbasia, Al Malikiya and Qamishli in the Hasaka governorate, as well as the towns of Tell Abiad and Ain Issa in the Al Raqa governorate.
The United States, the main ally of the Kurdish militias in Syria, has already made it clear that it will not support Turkey's intervention, and will not be involved in that operation or maintain its forces in the area.

Damascus does not recognize Kurdish autonomy in northeastern Syria, which controls the territories east of the Euphrates River, nor its military wing, the SDS.

In addition, the Syrian Foreign Ministry expressed its protest against the Turkish operation, denouncing that it violates Syria's territorial integrity and international law.

At the same time he held several Kurdish groups responsible for the situation "who opted for the US project."

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