Turkey-US, 120-hour truce for the withdrawal of the Kurds. Trump: "Thanks Erdogan"


Turkey-US, agreement on a truce of 120 hours for the withdrawal of the Kurds. Trump: "Thanks Erdogan"

Turkey is United States have agreed a "ceasefire" in Syria. A 5-day truce to withdraw the Kurds from the 30 km Turkish security zone in the north-east of Syria and then a final conclusion of the military operation. After more than four hours of negotiations in Ankara, US vice president Mike Pence announces an agreement with Recep Tayyip Erdogan that stops the offensive after 9 days of bombings and clashes that have caused hundreds of deaths and 300,000 displaced people. In return, Turkey will have its' safe zone beyond the free border by the Kurdish Ypg fighters, along with a withdrawal of sanctions as soon as the weapons are finally laid down.

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The difficult mission of Donald Trump's envoys ends with a diplomatic success. "An extraordinary result" and "a great day for civilization", defines the US president, who had anticipated by a few seconds the announcement of his deputy via Twitter: "Great news from Turkey. Thanks Erdogan. Millions of lives will be saved ». An "agreement", writes the tycoon, which "could never have been done three days ago. There had to be a little 'love lasted to get it. "

For the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, however, is only a "pause" in military operations, which will end definitively only "after the complete withdrawal from the region" of the Kurdish militiamen, who will have to be disarmed. Their military structures will also have to be destroyed. But after the hard clash of the last few days, with the letter in which Trump asked Erdogan not to "play the fool" that the Turkish had "thrown in the garbage", the two presidents returned to the serene. The tycoon calls Erdogan a "strong man" and "a true leader" and is ready to welcome him on November 13 at the White House.

The agreement, assures Trump, will also guarantee the continuation of the fight against ISIS, whose "combatants will be under strict control" of the American and other forces in the area, after the breach reported in several jihadist prisons and the assault claimed today by militiamen of the Caliphate in the Mahmudli prison, in the Raqqa area, from which several women related to jihadists would have been freed. Tonight's agreement has 13 points and concerns only the 120 km wide strip, between Tal Abyad and Ras al Ayn, and 30-32 km deep beyond the Turkish-Syrian border, which follows the 'safe zone' which was was agreed by Ankara and Washington before the withdrawal of American soldiers and the start of the offensive.

The rest of northern Syria, including Kobane and Manbij, remains excluded and will be discussed on Tuesday in Sochi in the face to face between Erdogan and Vladimir Putin, explained Cavusoglu. Today, the Kremlin envoy Alexander Lavrentyev also arrived in Ankara to trace a possible new map of the region, after consulting the other major shareholder of the Bashar al Assad regime yesterday in Tehran. "Russia transmits messages between Damascus and Ankara. If Russia removes the (Kurdish) Ypg elements from the region along with the Syrian army, we will not object, "said Cavusoglu.

On this basis, the truce will expand even beyond the security zone. In this way a conflict is interrupted which has triggered convictions from all over the world. On the ground, the ceasefire will also allow the evacuation of civilians under siege to Ras al Ayn, for days under "intense air raids". There the Kurds had also denounced the use of banned chemical weapons such as "white phosphorus and napalm". Accusations sharply rejected by Ankara. The help of many NGOs, who had fled the bombs, will also be able to return in the next few hours.

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