Turkey as Protector of the Oppressed in Northern Syria?


While the Turkish invasion in northern Syria provides sharp criticism, including from Germany, evidently formed in the social networks, a broad counter-offensive in the struggle for interpretive sovereignty.

On Thursday countless contributions from Twitter users made sure that the hashtag "Turkey Just Killed Terrorists" landed in the trends. If you look at the associated tweets, they usually seem to come from Turks and Pakistanis. The content is about justifying Turkish action against Kurds in northern Syria. Turkey kills only terrorists and not innocents, so the tenor.

"Turkey does not attack innocent women and children," it says in this tweet.

The same message, paired with other pictures of friendly Turkish soldiers and young children, shows this post:

Others point to victims of the PKK. This user, for example, writes that the PKK has left 40,000 innocent people on their conscience. Teachers were tortured to death, students were blown up with bombs, 6-month-olds shot dead with machine guns.

Turkey is a friend of the oppressed, says the user Abdullah Durmaz.

Numerous tweets assure that Pakistan supports Turkey.

But there are also those who criticize under the hashtag "Turkey Just Killed Terrorists" and see in it propaganda.

According to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish army has already killed 100 fighters during the offensive in northern Syria. Erdogan called these as "Terrorists",

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